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Define, definecilik, define the signs, define the search paths, search hidden treasures, elves magic spell, define the search bar, and mysterious treasures stickers, how to define where they are sought.

Define what is?
Treasure, hidden under soil coins, gold bullion, silver and other precious items can be considered. Various law, historical development provisions in the underground mines and has set about define. In the feudal era in European countries, the country's kings were the sole owner. Thus they would treasure as well. Define the various European countries found today, the authorities are obliged to inform agency. Confiscated unless the purpose is not considered a felony to be stored. But really treasure find of the so well to abandon is generally permitted. The law of our define the recipe: "Found considerably long time ago, buried or stored and no longer have the absence of certain common precious things that define addolun is. Treasure, into the buried or stored, real estate or menkulun owner's property is. Scholarly a The provisions of securities entitled to property is protected. "discover the treasure, half of the securities, not to violate the tale of a bonus to equity muvafık
Treasure: the people who already are trying to find hidden treasures. A must for the success of this business need to be trained, uneducated will treasure more harm than good. Treasure what you would call the unconscious does not know where and how. Uneducated a treasure, an incurable disease at the same time a hope of love is love. The training is not an institution will treasure. Therefore ear to ear, according to rumor circulating is moving. Therefore, the detector vendors, mediums, spiritualist case of the bread are tenkis. Important: Intensive use of technology and information age, we set forth with various superstitious mind is not profit. Land is the main source of treasure hunters, and archeologist. Treasure educational problems at the beginning of the problem comes. The hands of our government to take this issue as of now does not seem possible. Then we will overcome this problem. Thanks to advanced technology, by writing, they write, share their experiences in the classic sense, structure can be saved. Help
SIGNAL (Epigraphy) = is a type of encryption methods. Hiding assets, to protect against any danger levels, and then come and get it into the wound along with the encryption mechanism is a kind expression and a language. Carved in relief and the way they boyala has survived. In the rocks of the motifs of each figure is absolutely meaningless. No effort is meaningless nonsense. But also define the stamp is not for all rocks. There is no sign of direct burial. So let's not forget. Kaya stamp definitely us something would say, making amacıda it should be, for example, in the rocks in the majority of which appear round carved tombs indicates that carved the necessary purpose of the grave next to that rock is carved into the oil spilled and burned was, this day's tomb on top of burning candles, such as what we we will also make more sense of the mummy. carvings are the same in square or rectangular. Direction of an arrow is used. If we summarize the characteristics of each figure is read only.

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